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Packing Pink

20 Jul

The day has come to start packing for the 3-Day for the Cure! Packing is exciting and anxious at the same time. Exciting, because it means I’m only a few days away from the walk!  Anxious because we have to fit 3 days worth of clothes, toiletries, shoes and camping gear into a bag that weighs less than 35 pounds! So first things first, take a breath.

The second thing I do after breathing is re-read the Underground Guide section on packing. This always makes me feel better. There are a TON of great tips and ideas on packing in here, it made my life so much simpler last year when I was packing for the first time. I’ll write about what I’m packing for this trip and hopefully that will help you with your packing! I’ll talk about clothes, gear and miscellaneous things.


I’ve checked the weather for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Boston and here’s what I’ve been told. All three sites (AccuWeather.com, Weather.com, WeatherBug.com) said it will be about 85° on Friday. For Saturday, 90°+ and potential rain. And on Sunday, about 85° and two reports say sunny, one says rain. So we’ll see. This means that I’ll pack shorts for each day and a poncho. I lay out an outfit for each day and make sure I have everything I need. Shorts, underwear, shirt, sports bra. For those of you wearing sneakers, you should pack at least 2 pairs of socks per day. One to put on in the morning and one to bring with you so that if it does rain, you can change your socks at a Pit Stop. I’m also setting out sleeping clothes. In this pile, I’ll include a pair of pants and a long sleeved shirt because sometimes it gets chilly at night, especially when you’re getting up at 3am to pee! Bring comfy shoes for camp. I saw everything last year from flip flops to bunny slippers (unfortunately not Energizer Bunny® slippers!). You’ll want a pair of flip flops dedicated for shower use.

Once I’ve laid everything out, I get my big Ziploc freezer bags from the kitchen and write FRIDAY on one bag, SATURDAY on another and so forth until I have all of my clothes bagged separately. This sounds silly, but if it rains and your bag is on the ground waiting for you to finish your Day 1 walking, you’ll be so glad you bagged everything and kept the clothes inside dry! Plus it’s so much easier to get dressed when everything is picked out ahead of time and separated. You won’t have to dig through your gear pack in a cramped tent.

Toiletries should be travel size. Shampoo, conditioner if needed, body wash, deodorant, face wash, toothbrush and tooth paste. If you haven’t done online check-in yet, when you do it, opt in for the $12 towel service! It might be the best $12 you’ve ever spent. Imagine coming back from Day 2 of walking, getting to your tent to grab your towel, and you find it still wet from the night before and starting to smell. Now imagine getting back from Day 2 and getting a clean, fresh towel. The only reason I say this is because I didn’t opt in for towel service last year and I regretted it.


I highly recommend getting a fanny pack or a lumbar pack and NOT a backpack. Your shoulder will thank you on Day 3. Last year I had a CamelBak hip pack and I found that there wasn’t enough pocket space to carry everything I wanted to carry, and ended up having to buy an extra bag to attach. Get one that’s big enough with enough space to carry everything you need, with holsters for water bottles. In my pack: my Gu, first aid kit, Moleskin, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, a bandanna, my camera, Flip video camera, cell phone, extra batteries, pre-moistened face wipes, nail clippers and file, extra hair ties, poncho if rain, chap stick, my RoadID, my watch and I almost forgot… TISSUES! You’ll cry at least once during these 3 days, so be prepared. This year I’m also bringing my sneakers just in case the Vibrams don’t work out, so if you’re wearing sneakers don’t forget your extra socks! I’m also bringing a small notepad and pen so I can write down names of everyone I meet (I’m terrible at remembering names). Ladies, if it’s that time of the month don’t forget your pads/tampons! Also make sure you have any medications you need, keep them with you.


Sleeping bag… I recommend getting a bag large enough to fit your sleeping back inside it, I don’t recommend trying to tie it to the outside. When your bag gets tossed into the trailer truck with 1000 other bags, you can’t be sure you’re sleeping back will come out still attached. Use the pair of pants you’ve brought for your pillow. You can also bring a sleeping pad if you have enough room. Pillows take up a lot of room. Or get a travel size pillow like you get on a plane. Bring extra trash bags so that if your tent is cramped you can put your gear bag the trash bags and put it out side. If you stick it outside sans trash bags it will be wet by morning with the dew on the ground. Bring 2 clear tarps/shower curtains. These you’ll put on the bottom of your tent and on top of your tent. It will help keep you dry as dew seeps in and if it rains, the rain tarps aren’t terribly helpful. Pack something to decorate your tent with, it’s fun and it will help you find your tent when it’s 3:05am and you’re trying to find your way back from the bathroom! And make sure you bring a flashlight, that will help you find your tent! If you’re a Keep Going® Blogger, don’t forget to pack your Energizer Bunny!

Feel free to share your own packing tips below! And check back on Thursday for a giveaway!!

Don’t forget your credentials! Bring a great attitude, an open mind for meeting new people and your 3-Day for the Cure spirit! It’s an amazing 3 days, I guarantee you’ll be hooked!