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3-Day Fundraising and Social Media

26 Jun

Maybe some of you who are reading this are are Facebook. Maybe you’re on Twitter as well. Do you have a blog?  Social media for most people is a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family and is something to do when you’re bored. Unless you use social media for your business or company, then you’re mostly right. Facebook and Twitter are fun ways to connect with others, find old friends and make new ones. But you can also use social media for your 3-Day fundraising! Here are some tips for getting the most out of your networks.

1) Facebook – I know sometimes you feel like you’re saying the same thing over and over again, harping on donations and sending out the link to your 3-Day page. What you have to remember is that whenever you post something on Facebook, only a small percentage of your friends will see it. It shows up in their news feed but then gets pushed to the bottom, and unless you’re lucky enough to have it pop up in their Top News stories later on or a day later, then some of your friends have missed it entirely! And those friends who see it more than once certainly aren’t going to unfriend you because of it. You’re raising money for an important cause! If they haven’t donated after seeing the 4th post, maybe the 5th one will be the one that gets them to click and donate. And if they do donate, they’ll feel good seeing you continue to post the link knowing that they’ve already helped you out. So don’t be shy! Post away!

Create an event for your fundraising page and invite your friends to it. This is a pro-active way to share the link with people. If you have the time, post the link directly on your friend’s page, make it a personal ask!

2) Twitter – Everything I said above goes for Twitter as well. When you send out a tweet with your link in it, only a tiny percentage of your followers will see it right then before it gets pushed down the line. Send it out more than once a day! It shouldn’t be the only thing you tweet, but if it’s mixed in with other conversations you’re having it certainly can’t hurt! Make sure you’re using appropriate hashtags as well. Try using hashtag #komen, #the3day, #fundraising, #donation, #charity, #walking and more. Search for different words and see what comes up. You may get donations from people you’ve never met because of the hashtags you use. Also, in the tweet itself ask you friends to re-tweet it for you, and most likely they will. This opens you up to a whole new list of followers.

3) Blogs – Obviously so important to keep people up to date! Use your blogs to tell people why this cause is important to you, how much you’ve raised so far and how many training miles you’ve walked. Make it personal, tell a story, and you’ll get people involved. The wonderful thing about blogs is that they show up in Google searches and you’ll get readership from all over the country and the world, and readers who are specifically interested in what you’re talking about! Find other 3-Day blogs. Read them, support them, comment on them. Link to other 3-Day blogs in your posts. We’re all fundraising for the same cause.

Make sure that no matter what networks you’re in, that you’re linking them all back to each other. This is a great way to build a community on each platform that supports what you’re doing! You’ll meet so many great people who can give advice, who need advice, who can share ideas and thoughts and support! And don’t forget that above all social media is meant to be fun! Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and experiences with others, because then they’ll be willing to do the same with you and by the time you actually get to the 3-Day you’ll already have an awesome network of friends to share the experience with!

And always feel free to donate to MY 3-Day for the Cure walk!


Fundraising With Your Community!

15 Jun

From everyone that I’ve heard from, it seems as though the 3-Day fundraising is what keeps people from signing up. The $2300 minimum is really intimidating to a new walker; I totally get this. I waited years before I signed up for my first 3-Day walk because of that minimum. But I’m here to tell you that you can do it! Fund raising for the 3-Day was so much easier than I thought it would be. So here are some tips for some creative fundraising within your community!

1) Hold a fundraising night at a local restaurant – Most restaurants are more than happy to hold a fundraising night for you to support your efforts. I’ve done one for the past two years and really enjoyed the turnout and the results! There are a couple of different ways to go about it. You can either ask the restaurant to give you 10% of the proceeds that come in for the fundraiser (this is what I have done). You hand out fliers to your friends and family and ask them to come that night, and then the restaurant will give you 10% of the proceeds that come from people with the fliers. The other way which my sister did for a fundraiser, is to ask the restaurant to donate a stack of $10 gift cards to you. Then one night you hang out at the restaurant and whoever comes through the door, you ask them to buy one of the $10 gift cards from you. They give you $10, you give them the gift card. This worked really well for her because she kept the cash, the person who donated the money really wasn’t out any money because they were going to spend it anyway, and the restaurant gets a bunch of new patrons that night who came out for the fundraiser. It’s a win-win-win.

2) Hold a yard sale! – I’ve seen this in a couple of other 3-Day blogs, including the Breast Buddies website (Seattle walkers) and I think it’s a great idea! We all have stuff lying around our houses that we’ve been wanting to get rid of, so why not do it for charity! Ask your friends and family to donate items to the yard sale and then advertise it as a fundraiser. Increase the price of the items just a little bit, and explain to everyone that comes why you’re doing it, they may even give you an extra donation!

3) Hang out outside of a supermarket – With the supermarket’s permission, of course. By standing outside of your local supermarket, you’ll not only get to know your local community a bit better and you’ll get some donations along the way! This one takes a bit of courage, to ask strangers to give you money. But put on your best 3-Day gear, set up a pink table with information and you may find that people will come to you and you won’t have to go to them.

4) Ask your kids for help – I read Tammy K’s blog once where they had asked their kids for help, and worked with their kid’s school to hold a fundraiser! The particular fundraiser, which I remember very well from my high school days, is called Penny Wars. You create groups of kids that have to compete against each other, and they have to collect pennies for their team. So you set up the jars somewhere and everyday the kids come in a dump their pennies into the jars for their team. It doesn’t sound like it would add up to much, but here’s the catch, other teams can take points away by adding silver coins into other team’s jars. Those quarters definitely add up!

I hope this helps you with your fundraising! Feel free to leave your own creative ideas in the comments!

Nutmeggers for Komen

16 Apr

Hey all you Connecticutians! …Connecticutites?! …Connecticuters!!? NUTMEGGERS!

I’ve formed a team for the 2010 Race for the Cure in Bushnell Park on June 5th and I want YOU to be on it! All you have to do is go here and sign up! I’d love to have you all join and support Komen Connecticut in it’s fight against breast cancer. We can do a team fundraiser if people are interested and make/buy t-shirts to show our support for Komen!75% of everything we raise will stay right here in Connecticut to help those who are being tested or treated for breast cancer. IMPACT your community! Join a team!

If you’ve never participated in a Race for the Cure or a Komen event before, this is the perfect time for you to start! I’m happy to help you fund raise or answer any questions you have. Join the team and get involved!

Breast Cancer 3-day

22 Jun

Every year Susan G. Komen for the Cure holds 60 mile, 3 day walks all over the country. This year I will be walking in Washington D.C. from October 9-11th. Breast cancer affects so many people, and this organization is one that is near and dear to my heart, and has done so much for the cause. One in eight women will be diagnosed during their lifetime with breast cancer. That’s an incredibly scary statistic. That is why I will be taking the challenge of fundraising, creating awareness, and walking 60 miles for the cause.
My personal fundraising page:
Information about Susan G. Komen for the Cure:
Where your donations go to:
This first week of having signed up to do the 3-day and starting to walk has been really exciting! I’m really looking forward to going to DC in October for the whole 60 miles. I’ve walked about 8 miles this week over the course of a few days. Living right on the edge of downtown is so perfect for being able to walk to get dinner with a friend, go to an a cappella gig, or go to Bushnell Park. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, it means so much to have your support. I’m looking forward to the coming months of walking and fundraising, and I’ll keep you updated along the way!