Shout-Out to Energizer

12 Jul

The big thanks to Energizer is of course for choosing me as a Keep Going blogger! I’ve gotten to meet so many awesome people as the Keep Going® bloggers connect on Twitter and Facebook and support each others training and blogging. I’m having a great time sharing my stories with everyone, and having people actually read them. 🙂

The other thanks is for the cool Energizer stuff they’ve sent me! I LOVE the Energizer Bunny® I got, we’re twins in our matching sunglasses! I also have enough batteries to last for a few years, an awesome Keep Going® journal, water bottle, pedometer, bag and a 3-Day for the Cure board game!! One of my absolute favorite things that I got was an Energizer power pack that will give my cell phone or laptop a boost when I need it! It’s super small and gives my Blackberry extra hours of power when it dies. I love my Blackberry but the battery dies so quickly! It never would have lasted throughout the 3-Day for the Cure® so I’m really happy and excited to have this little power pack to help me get through the weekend. I would totally recommend getting one for yourself if you have a smart phone. (Full disclosure: Energizer sent me the product but the review is completely mine.)

I hope you’ll all come visit me in the Energizer tent at camp, I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday nights after the walk ends. See you in Boston!


One Response to “Shout-Out to Energizer”

  1. Jeff July 22, 2010 at 9:54 AM #


    Team Captain for Baghdad Breast Defense here! Just got back to Boston 2 nights ago. Can’t wait this weekend is going to be a blast! Want to get my picture with you and the Bunny. Was wondering if you could tell me what the proper etiquite would be… is it Mr or Mrs Energizer.. or is Just “Pink Bunny”?

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