The Power of 10

23 Mar

One of the fundraising and teambuilding ideas we’ve talked about this year with Komen Connecticut is “The Power of 10”. You can use the The Power of 10 when recruiting for your team; invite 10 of your friends and have each of them invite 10 of their friends and so on. When fundraising, email 10 of your friends asking them to donate and also to forward your email to 10 of their friends, etc. You may be surprised how many people actually forward your email.

I’ve recently been asking for donation on Facebook and Twitter and using The Power of 10 in another way. On Facebook, I said “I have 524 super cool Facebook friends. If each one of you donated $10 to my 60 mile breast cancer walk, I would make my $5000 goal!! Can you spare $10?” From this, I got a few friends to donate $10 and a couple who donated $20 and $25. I said the same thing on Twitter, “If each 1 of my 425 followers donated $10 to my breast cancer walk, I’d be almost to my goal! Can you spare $10?”. I got a few more followers who donated $10 and a handful others who said they’d give me a check! I also got a donation from someone on Twitter from Ohio that I’ve never met, because one of my Twitter followers retreated my ask! This is a very slow, but effective way to get to your $2300 minimum. Many people will give you more than the $10 you’re asking for.

Try it out on your social networks! Use them to your advantage, because your networks can work for you!


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