This is why I love Twitter.

20 Mar

First off, if you’re on Twitter come say hello! You can follow me @CTinCT and if you comment below and introduce yourself, I’ll follow you as well.

Ready? Good. Ok so – the other day I tweeted that I needed motivation to run/walk. I really need to start training for the 9k I’m running in May ( and for the 3-day in July ( Like, serious training needed. Minutes later I had people responded telling me to get off my butt, stop tweeting and get out there! (Thanks @maryanncruz) And then had another Twitter friend saying that she would walk with me! Shortly after another Twitter buddy chimed in saying she would walk with us too! So now we three will be walking once a week together, and it all came together because of Twitter!

If you’d like to meet these two lovely ladies they are @iambunnybee and @hleahh and I met them both on Twitter first. Actually, I’m not sure that @hleahh and I have EVER met… have we? I only met @iambunnybee after she tweeted about visiting my workplace and then met me while I was at the front desk, so we’ve only actually officially met once.

But look at that! The power of social networking – I did in fact get off my butt and go for a run that night, which I am now tracking on – if you’re on dailymile too come be friends with me! And now I also have a standing walking date once a week. Thanks Twitter!


One Response to “This is why I love Twitter.”

  1. Jen Huddleston March 25, 2010 at 10:45 AM #

    Following you on Twitter now. I’m walking in my 3rd 3-Day in November. I liked your Power of 10 post this am.

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