Welcome back sun!

18 Mar

It’s been such beautiful weather out for the past couple of days I thought TODAY would be the perfect day to get started on training for the 3-day (and the 9k I’m running in May) so I went for a run after work. It was freeing and wonderful and painful! It felt great to be out there again but I know I’m a long way away from the shape I was in pre-winter. Having been born in Florida, I’ve always hated winter and craved the sun and warm weather. Yes Mom, I know that I only lived in Florida for 6 months and no, I don’t remember living there at all BUT that stuff sticks with you, right? It’s in my blood. The infant me came out of the hospital into the sunlight and said ahhhh.

But anyway, so training has officially begun. The goal is to run or walk at least 3 times a week for the next month or two, then kick it up a few notches after the 9k at the end of May before the 3-day in July. I’m a little nervous of walking 60 miles in Boston (not so many trees) in late July. Someone remind me to pack a gallon of sunscreen! I got a decent sunburn at the walk last year in DC… and that was in October, and one of the days it was rainy.

I’m looking forward to training walks in Bristol. Moving there in a couple of weeks into a nice neighborhood and will be able to take walks with Paul (boyfriend) and Lily (adorable dog). It will be fun to explore a new place and not have to stop every block for the WALK signal to change 🙂

Fingers crossed the sun hangs out for a while!


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