What do I pack?! Or better yet… what do I not pack?

6 Oct
Tonight I am packing. This being my first 3-day I’m having a hard time not packing everything I own. You know, just in case. Just in case I need my 3 inch heels for a White House dinner that I’ll get invited to. Just in case I’ll need a scarf and hat and mittens in case it starts snowing. It’s bound to happen. But I’m trying. Growing up in Maine, you think I would’ve gone camping once or twice, but I never did. If I had, I probably wouldn’t be having such a hard time packing right now.
My team t-shirts came in the mail today and they look fantastic! I’m so excited to meet the rest of the team, and excited that Paul is now a part of that team. I can’t believe my team has raised over $150,000! I am so proud of my team and I can’t wait to meet all of the amazing women and men who have worked so hard to reach this goal.
I am almost to $4000 on my fundraising site! If you happened to feel like visiting and donating to get me above and beyond my current goal, I certainly wouldn’t want to keep you. And if you happen to get there and I’m already above $4000, don’t let that keep you from donating anyway! Go ahead, visit the site… I’ll wait.
…….waiting…..waiting….waiting….waiting…. Are you back? You are? Ok, well thank you! I appreciate your support on this walk. Well, I really should get back to packing. So what do you think… the 3-inch black heels or the red ankle heels? Neither? Fine.

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