Three Days Away!

4 Oct

When I signed up for this walk in May, October seemed to be an eternity away. I was already so excited when I got my first email from the 3 day congratulating me on registering. Then I got my 3 day packet in the mail with all of the getting started tips, followed by the 3 day training packet that included my official lanyard and stickers to track my fundraising journey with. Then I joined a team – Ms. America Tata’s – and became Ms. Connecticut. It felt great to have the support and advice from fellow walkers, and to know that I wouldn’t be there on my own. AND I am no long even traveling alone since my amazing boyfriend Paul surprised me on my birthday by letting me know that he’s been secretly raising the $2300 on his own and will be coming with me. It was the most wonderful surprise that he’s doing this, for himself but also in support of me. As of last night with a few donations that came in during birthday weekend, some of which haven’t been processed yet, I have hit the $4000 mark! Before I registered, the $2300 seemed so intimidating. I had no idea how I was going to raise that much money and was afraid (but willing) that I would have to pay a large chunk of that myself. The outpouring of support from my friends and family has been more than I ever could have imagined. I was shocked when I sent out my very first email and received a donation within 15 minutes. I knew it was a good sign, a sign of things to come. My family, Paul and his family, friends, local restaurants, radio shows and my co-workers have gone above and beyond and helped me reach this mark. It only inspires me to keep pushing up until the very last day and try and push it higher. Now all that is left to do is PACK! Easier said than done.


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